Edit Astro content collections in a CMS‑like interface you already know

Darkmatter converts Astro's collections config into a UI anyone can use to manage your website content.

Made for macOS.

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Darkmatter is a CMS-like interface for [Astro](https://astro.build) content collections.

  • Create, edit and delete collection entries in a UI that adapts to each collection's Zod schema.
  • Fill out frontmatter as regular form.
  • Drag & drop images into Markdown from anywhere.
  • Commit and push to git directly from Darkmatter.

Get back to writing. Darkmatter will handle the rest.


Custom-made editor for
Astro content collections

Darkmatter scans Zod collection schemas and generates a form interface. Fill out the frontmatter without peeking at the config or googling the YAML date format ever again.

VS Code

First-class treatment for
images in Markdown

Adding an image is only one drag & drop away.
Darkmatter copies it into your project, puts it in the right folder and inserts image's URL.

# Mountain Trip

Check out these mountains I saw:

Drag & drop the image here...

Preview images

Images are rendered inside the editor, so you don't have to guess what image is that by looking at the URL.

<Image> support

When editing MDX files, images are inserted as <Image> components.

Add images in bulk

Drag & drop or paste multiple images at once.

Paste from anywhere

Drag & drop is cool, but copy pasting images without downloading is even cooler.

Commit and push
without terminal

Jumping back and forth between your editor and terminal to run a few git commands is annoying. And with Darkmatter, it stops now.

Publish post
My Astro BlogNew blog post

Astro dev server starts up automatically, so you can preview how the content would look on the actual website before publishing.


Darkmatter prefills the commit message for you, but you can still customize it as needed.


Darkmatter runs the necessary git commands to push your changes to the repository, so you can keep your terminal closed.

Astro content editing accessible
to everyone on your team

Copywriters, marketers and customer success teams can edit any content without programming skills. At the same time, developers continue enjoying and being productive with Astro.

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  • Everything you need to know about view transitionsPublished1/9/2023
Zero file clutter

Darkmatter handles the naming and correct organization of files, leaving you to work with a nice interface made for writing.

No technical knowledge required

Once you install Darkmatter and point it to a git repository, your clients or teammates can start managing content on their own.

One-click website updates

There's no need to know what a git pull is. When there are new commits, your teammates will see a notification to update in a click.

Darkmatter Astro.
It's a match made in the stars.

Astro has made building content-first websites a joyful and fun endeavour.
Darkmatter is the perfect companion for your content on this space ride.

Made for macOS.